The Vocationist Sisters and the Vocationist Fathers founded by Blessed Justin Maria Russolillo, form the “Society of Divine Vocations”.   They have been instituted for the integral service of vocations to the priesthood in general and the religious life in particular.  Their ultimate goal is the sanctification of every soul and divine union with the most Holy Trinity, through the perfection of charity toward God and neighbor.

The Vocationist Sisters initially were gathered by the founder from among the girls of Pianura (Naples), who were living a very exemplary life under the guidance of the very pious woman, Rachele Marrone.  On February 2, 1919 the Most Reverend Michele Zezza, Bishop of Pozzuoli (Naples) elevated them to the status of “Pious Union”.  On May 26, 1927, the Most Reverend Giuseppe Petrone, the newly appointed Bishop of Pozzuoli, recognized them as a Religious order of Diocesan Right.

On May 24, 1947, the Holy See recognized the Congregation and on December 9, 1967, the Pontifical Approval was granted.  The decree granting Papal approval highly praised the active collaboration of the founder’s sister, Mother Giovanna Russolillo – the first superior general – by granting her the title of “Co-Founder”.  

The sisters of Divine Vocations were essentially established for the free service of vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life. In every possible way, as real mothers, they try to help even financially, children of underprivileged families among whom Jesus prefers to choose his apostles.

They work in the same fields as the Vocationist Fathers: families, orphanages, schools, parishes and missions.  Even though they take care of the religious formation of children and young ladies regularly, as well in trade schools, their first work is to help, through prayer and material means, priestly and religious vocations in the “Vocationaries” staffed by the Vocationist Fathers.

The Vocationist Sisters are in this world for the greater glorification of the Most Holy Trinity, venerating God’s divine perfections and holiness reflected in the sanctity of the Christian heroes, the saints.  They are in this world also for a major cooperation with the divine operations, especially the universal sanctification, serving the mission of the Holy Spirit in themselves and in others through the communion with the saints, the union with the Blessed Mother and the incorporation with Jesus in the Eucharist, sacrifice and sacrament.

They must strive toward the highest levels of sanctification to reach the Divine Union with the Most Holy Trinity through the ascensional perfection of charity for God and neighbor, and the faithful imitation of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Cultivating and spreading as much as possible, the Roman Catholic Asceticism, the Vocationist Sisters must commit themselves directly to form Jesus Christ in every person, using all the means of apostolate in order to make every individual a perfect Christian, as a religious of the Triune God, following the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

In this relationship of service to Jesus Christ, the great religious of the Father, living in the church, and to be formed in every chosen one as little servants of the saints, with their heart, they take the place and accomplish the duty of the faithful servant.

Their general goal in their spiritual service to the church is to help every individual to enter and persevere in the Holy Catholic Church, and to help every faithful, both as an individual and as a family, live according to Jesus, Mary and Joseph; to help every elect to cultivate the divine union with the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Triumphant, Militant and Suffering Church, the Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Divine Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are for them, the only axis and the threefold ascensional lever for their work and spiritual service.

The goal of searching and cultivating priestly and religious vocations, which they will help also financially, will shine always before their eyes, as their own special mission; for this reason they will intensify and elevate the liturgical, ascetical and apostolic life of the parish so that the children who show signs of vocation, may be preserved with special care from the corruption of the world.

The Vocationist Sisters promote zealously in every environment, especially among the poor, the knowledge and practice of spiritual progress, through all level of consecrations while cultivating ever more intimate relations with Jesus, so as to prepare a nation of religious of God according to Jesus Christ, of souls who effectively aspire to the Divine Union, as living members of the mystical body of Jesus, to whom the grace and union of Jesus Christ our head and mediator is communicated, which makes the Holy Church the mystical spouse of Jesus.

The multiplicity of the apostolate of the congregation for universal sanctification is summarized and unified in the acronym “G.A.U.D.I.U.M.” (Glory, Love, Will of God in the Whole World).

From that humble beginning in Italy, the Congregation is currently serving in fourteen countries throughout the world.

United States of America