During the thirties and forties, the Vocationists quickly spread throughout Italy and in 1950 opened a mission in Brazil, where they have successfully and actively worked in various locations and are blessed with many vocations. In subsequent years the Congregation extended its mission to France and Argentina.On August 6, 1962, the Vacationist Fathers arrived in the United States at the kind invitation of Most Reverend Thomas A. Boland, the late Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey.

During their stay in the U.S., the Vocationists Fathers and Sisters realized with increasing evidence that if they were to make any progress and extend their work to other communities and perpetuate their type of work into the future, they were to start educating new religious candidates to a life of service.

In 1982, Most Reverend Peter L. Gerety, the Archbishop of Newark, gave the Vocationist Fathers permission to use the empty convent of St. Nicholas Parish in Palisades Park and the former Rectory of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Newark as a religious residence for their candidates. Throughout the years, the Vocationists had made a steady progress in spite of the many hardships and difficulties they had experienced.

In 1986, the most loving God had touched the hearts of some very special individuals who throughout the years have admired the work being done by the Vocationist fathers and sisters. These exceptionally outstanding individuals generously offered unconditional support to the Vocationists.

In 1986, Jack Burstyn, an outstanding humanitarian of Jewish faith, generously offered to donate 30 acres of land in Florham Park, New Jersey. This donation gave a new direction and substantial meaning to the Vocationist dream.

On July 28, 1987, a solemn ground breaking ceremony took place in Florham Park, New Jersey.  Then, on the following day the construction of the Fr. Justin’s Vocationary and Sr. Joanna House of Formation began.  The building of this project proceeded swiftly under the guidance of the Divine Providence and with the assistance of generous and loving friends.

Larry Paragano, a faithful supporter of the Vocationist Congregation, took care of the design of the project and volunteered monetary assistance.  Jim Spiniello opened the road to the property and prepared the building site.  Casper Bocina volunteered to be the builder of the project with the assistance of the manager, Richard Giammetta and the Visceglia family: Joseph, Vincent, Frank and Diego. Many other good friends showed their spirit of cooperation by giving themselves to the ideal of the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters.

Today, the vision cherished by many is an astounding reality that stands as a testimony to the faith of the Fathers and Sisters and to the fulfillment of the hopes of all those who have believed in their mission. The members of the Vocationist Congregation have been admired for the beauty of a life spent in self-surrender and dedication to the service of God and his people.

The Vocationist Sisters are currently active in the areas of Newark, Florham Park, Palisades Park, Martinsville, New Jersey where they ardently serve and care for the educational, social and spiritual needs of people of the community.  The Vocationist Sisters have been excellent friends, caring spiritual mothers and sisters, dutiful teachers, understanding and loving companions of the children and their parents, relatives and friends who come in their doors.

United States of America