Perpetual Help Day Nursery

It was the late Fr. Mario Muccitelli of the Vocationist Fathers who invited the Vocationist Sisters to work in the United States.  In July, 1967, a group of four Sisters came from Italy, and resided in Newark, New Jersey, where they then established their first community. Eventually, they started evangelizing people, teaching Catechism (CCD), supporting poor families and providing jobs to those who were most in need.

At some point, to the Sisters’ great surprise, a man knocked at the door of the sisters’ convent and said: “Yesterday my wife left me with these three children. I have to go to work to provide for them. You must take care of my children.” The Sisters were puzzled. There and then, they were determined to start a nursery school in the convent which became known as the Perpetual Help Day Nursery under the leadership of Sr. Josephine Di Guida followed by Sr. Gelsomina Mosca, Sr. Anna Rago, Sr. Antonietta Cioce and Sr. Romilda Borges and Sr. Joy Sabesaje in Newark, New Jersey. The nursery is currently under the supervision of Sr. Joy Sabesaje, the Principal/Director of the school.

St. Michael’s Church, Newark


The very dedicated Sisters of Newark are actively working in Perpetual Help during the week. They also dutifully teach CCD at St. Michael’s Parish every Saturday morning and sing for the Eucharistic celebration at 6 p.m., and on Sundays they play for the Mass at 8:30 a.m.

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